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Welcome to Hierophant. This site and the pages within are devoted to waxing lyrical about whatever we feel like. As such you'll find a plethora of Halo related info, IT related info, Xbox related info, and generally any other info that we think is cool.

And so begins a new era of brain failure.
--Wraith 00:14, 25 Aug 2004 (AUS Eastern Standard Time)

General Interest


Home Theatre PC - A guide to setting up Windows Media Center 2005.
Utilities - A group of utilities essential for Win32 management.
SQL Tips - A group of helpful SQL scripts.
Xbox Soft Mod - Xbox 1 Soft Modding.
Pebble Smartwatch - Info and Watchfaces.
Raspberry Pi - Info and Packages.

Other - My website.
D-SLR Photos - Some recent photos.



Halo Tips - A group of tactical tips for playing Halo.
Halo 2 Tips - A group of tactical tips for playing Halo 2.
Halo Bible - The Halo story as we see it. [Spoilers]
ILB DVD - The I Love Bees DVD.
ILB Wavs - The I Love Bees Wavs.
ILB Stories - The I Love Bees Stories.
ILB Links - Definitive ILB Links.
Halo Inspired - Halo inspired goodness.
Viva Pinata - Sweet garden goodness.


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Useful Links

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